●You can access carefully a wide range of catalogs

At WALPA STORE, catalogs of popular wallpapers made in abroad such as
France, United Kingdom, USA, Germany etc. a fully lined up. You can choose freely your favorite wallpaper or/and the one that will decorate your wall.
Orders from overseas is also available.
Some of our imported wallpaper are sold per meter unit (*)
(*)We are limited only to the stocked items at stores.

●Suggestion of wallpaper coordination

The WALPA STORE staff can help with making a suggestion of color matching or/and wallpapers that suit your room, all according to your taste and your wishes.
If you bring your photos or/and layout of your room will make easier to offer a better service at the moment of your visit.We are also taking a reservation if you would like to have a coordinate suggestions (please check of the below)

●Information of install method by small install lecture

Is not it a install method what make you feel uneasy?
The WALPA STORE staff will give you all the how-to clearly and easily.
Small lesson of how to hang the wallpaper is held every day for those who wish!

【Reservation and inquiries】

Please make your reservation if you would like to have a coordinate suggestions or advises.
※If you have decided the catalog that you would like to look please contac us in advance to verify whether we have it or not.
※There are catalogs not available depending on the store. Please contact us to confirm before your visitation.
※If you have items you would like to see, please make a note of the "product name" and "product number" beforehand.

【Tokyo Ebisu】WALPA store TOKYO

Reservation Only- Please dial : 03-6416-3410

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
※We are closed during New Year's and Summer holidays. Since January 2019, we are not taking days off except during the aforementioned holidays.

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Reservation Only- Please dial : 050-3538-8903

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 18:00
※We are closed during New Year's and Summer holidays. Since November 9th, 2017, we are also closed on Thursdays except when they follow a holiday.

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We will apreciate if you bring your room layout and photos with you in order to advice the right amount of wallpaper you will need.

The layout could be handwritten by yourself. If your have it with the size of the room,
the height of the ceiling, the position of the windows and the door, etc
we will be possible to advice you the specific requirements.