※There are no parking lots, please use a close coin parking if you came by car.

Fukuoka Hakata


※ Renewal information of WALPA store FUKUOKA ※

Thank you for always patronizing our WALPA store FUKUOKA,import wallpaper specialty store. From 1st of April our WALPA store FUKUOKA will establish togerther with the first store 『Outletstore of Wallpapers』 And will be back as WALPA outlet FUKUOKA.
Wallpaper that have been damaged, or crushed the seams during manufacturing proccess or/and import transport time.
Wallpapers that have been discontinued due to renewal of design, Outside a standard size wallpaper etc., Luxury wallpaper that depending on how do you want to use does not have any problem.
You can get it with 30%-90% discount!
In the store would be more than 700 rolls.
For use of landloard, for the exhibition of the seasonal, for the cartonnage, for school work etc.
It is a great opportunity for people who want to use the import wallapaper in big quantity, lots types and/or just for transient manner.
The outlet is limited in the Fukuoka store.
The orders will be limited via Mail, Fax, Facebook of Fukuoka store or visiting the store.
Regarding information of Auction of wallpapers that on-sale normaly or rare wallpapers, we will post it on our Facebook page of WALPA store FUKUOKA
Please do not miss this opportunity!


JR Hakata Station 25-minute walk
Take a bus from platform 13 at Hakata bus terminal and get off at Sanno Itchome
About 10 minutes boarding time

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 18:00

※We are open everyday from July 1st.

※We will take days off on New Year 's Day and Summer holidays.

『Obon Closure Notification』
Closed from August 13th (Sun) to 15th (Tue)
Open from August 16th (Wed)

Sanno Mansion 102, 4-19-5 Hakata eki minami, Hakata-ku Fukuoka


WALPA outlet FUKUOKA's facebook page

Please check here for informations of the workshop at WALPA outlet FUKUOKA.

If you would like to see a catalog or samples please contact us to verify whether we have it or not beforehand.